Vote FOR Montgomery Public Schools on NOVEMBER 3, 2020

Better for students.
Better for teachers.
Better for Montgomery.

We need to invest in our future.

Montgomery Public Schools receive the lowest amount of local funds legally allowed by the state of Alabama – a bare-bones 10 mills while neighboring school systems have well over twice that much to fund their schools. Montgomery’s children deserve a world-class education and access to top-notch resources.

Our children deserve more.

Our children study in crumbling, outdated buildings, many with leaky roofs and no air conditioning. Students with respiratory issues suffer from the presence of mold and asbestos. Our schools need over $250 million in facility renovations just so students can learn in comfortable, classroom environments.

This is about us.

There’s nothing more important to all of us than our community and our children. This is about investing in Montgomery’s students and providing them the education they deserve. Our economy, ability to attract industries, poverty, and communities are adversely impacted when we don’t invest in education.

Building a better tomorrow
by helping our schools today.

What our campaign is all about

Our schools are in need of additional funding to help increase student achievement, make needed repairs, and give teachers the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Please invest in our campaign today, so we can invest in our students tomorrow.

Three ways to support our campaign


You may donate financially to our campaign to support Montgomery’s children, teachers, and community well being.


Sign up to be a volunteer. Work both virtually and side-by-side with other members of Montgomery’s community.

Spread the Word

Talk to friends and family, share our news releases on social media, speak out to support Montgomery’s schools.

Now is the time to get involved.

Our mission is to mobilize support for Montgomery’s children through both hands-on and remote efforts.

Our vision is a better future for all of Montgomery. This starts with our children, their teachers, and investing in our community.

Sign Up for Updates

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You can also
give us a call at the number below:

(334) 659-5689