Why Invest?

Our public schools receive the lowest level of property tax funding mandated by Alabama law — a bare-bones 10 mills — while school systems in neighboring cities and counties have well over twice that much to fund many schools.

Our students deserve better than the bare minimum, and an increase in property tax is long past due. It has been 30 years since voters in Montgomery had the opportunity to vote on whether to better invest in our schools.  A proposition to benefit Montgomery Public Schools was last put before voters in 1994. It was unsuccessful at that time. Montgomery county schools haven’t had a property tax increase in nearly 30 years. A lot has changed in that time — school funding should keep up.

This bare legal minimum on school funding has reached a tipping point.


We have a school funding crisis.


Montgomery county is tied for last place in property tax funding to schools.


We need to act now or our kids, parents, and teachers will pay the price.


Our students are falling behind their peers at other schools.


We’re losing our best teachers to neighboring districts that pay more.


And, our buildings need 280 million dollars in repairs.

How the Increase is Better for Students, Better for Teachers, and Provides Better Accountability.

Better for Students.

This referendum is first and foremost for our students. By voting FOR this funding increase, students will receive a higher quality education. The curricula will improve, the quality of their teachers will improve, and the dilapidated school buildings will be improved.

Better for Teachers.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has reminded us how important our teachers are. By voting FOR this funding increase, Montgomery Public Schools will be able to attract and retain top teachers with competitive pay and resources, and will be better able to invest in our teacher’s career and skills development.

Better Accountability.

The Montgomery Public Schools system is cracking down on misused funds and is committed to strict accountability for the use of tax dollars. The Alabama Board of Education passed strict accountability measures related to the proposed tax dollars, and the school board has developed a detailed accountability plan on how the money will be spent, including annual audits and oversight.

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